About Window Shield UK Ltd

Suppliers and Fitters of Window Film for Over 30 Years

Established 30 years, longer than anybody else in the UK, Window Shield have been supplying and fitting window film, nationwide to industrial, commercial and domestic properties.

Guaranteed at least 10% cheaper than anyone else in the UK. Window Shield can provide window films for the workplace and the home, for health, safety, security and for privacy, comfort and savings. To find out more click on contact us and choose whether to fill out our simple form, e-mail, call or write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Window Film Clients

All government Agencies
Guiness Plc
Halifax Plc
NatWest Bank Plc
Royal Bank of Scotland
All Local Councils
Giro Bank
Police Headquarters
American Embassies
British Rail
Simpsons of York Shop-fitters and construction

Halifax Plc

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