Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is window film?

A. Window film is a tough polyester laminate designed to solve various glazing problems.

Q. How long will window film last?

A. Once professionally applied, all films are fully guaranteed for 10 years. This guarantee is endorsed also by the manufacturers.

Q. Why choose window film in preference to blinds?

A. Blinds and curtains darken the room, restrict vision and do not repel the sun’s heat. This filters around the blind into the room. Window film is invariably cheaper and vastly superior on performance.

Q. Do I have to have a mirror effect?

A. Indeed not. Film shading gives you a wide choice of various levels of smoked or tinted effect.

Q. Will window film insulate the glass and cut down condensation?

A. Yes, Up to 30% even better than double glazing.

Q. Will installing film cause much disruption?

A. No, only cold tools are used, the film is fully self-adhesive and the process is similar to applying wallpaper.

Q. Does window film shading make a room dull?

A. Not really. On dull days solar control control film can actually work in reverse , reflecting light back into the room. Also your eyes adjust to different light levels.

Q. Will window film affect the outside appearance of a building?

A. Yes, and for the better, it eliminates all the window clutter that most buildings suffer from and it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Q. How are the windows cleaned after installation of window film?

A. Windows can be cleaned in the normal fashion by either squeegee or leather.

Q. What is the price of solar control shading systems?

A. The price will vary, dependant on the quantity of material required. We offer a free survey and a fixed price quotation.

Q. Can I fit it myself?

A. Applying window film is not an easy Do-It-Yourself project. For quality, performance and guarantee it really is a specialist installation product.

Q. Does window Safety Film comply with workplace regulations?

A. Yes , Anti-shatter safety film complies totally to workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and to BS 6206 Class A. Designed to give bomb blast protection and anti-vandal and burglar deterrance.

Q. Does window film protect against Ultra-Violet light?

A. All window films keep out 99% of UV light which causes furniture, carpets and curtains to deteriorate.

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