Glass Safety Film

Worried about Health and Safety regulations?

Concerned about Breaking Glass?

These are just a few of the reasons why so many of our customers call WSUK when considering ways to reduce their liability or increasing the safety aspect of the glass on their premises.

There is a huge range of films available worldwide, but here at WSUK we insist that you only have the highest quality. That said, there is absolutley no reason why it should cost a fortune, nor any reason why it should not look its best.

glass safety film

The majority of glass films available today have the following properties:

Prevents fragments of glass flying during explosions and accidental breakage.
Resists vandal attacks.
Deters burglars.
Conforms to ALL British Standard and NATO tests.
Available in clear, tinted or solar control finish. (can give the same properties as solar film)
Complies with workplace ( health, safety and welfare) regs 1992.
Widely used in all types of public buildings (see FAQ’s).

In both the home and the workplace our films are by far the most cost effective solution where existing windows need to be upgraded to safety glass standard in order to meet Government requirements (see below).

What you must know

Workplace (health, safety and welfare) Regulations 1992 stipulate that after 1st January 1996 safety glazing should be used in all workplaces at least up to waist height in (or next to) doors.

safety glazing area

Safety Film Examples

Manchester Metro

After a spate of trains and trams being attacked by vandals WSUKLTD were asked to apply a safety film to the inside face of the glass in the drivers compartment. The film complies to the current uk and european safety standards.

glass safety film on manchesters metrolink
safety film new scotland yard

Metropolitan Police Authorities

WSUK sucessfully quoted for the removal and re-fitting of safety film to the Metropolitan Police Authorities offices on Dean Farrer Street, London. Situated 50 yards from New Scotland Yard the film was removed and replaced systematically so as to maintain maximum protection for personnel and visitors at all times.

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