Solar, Glare & Heat Reduction

Solar Control Film

Are you suffering with the glare of the sun? Or perhaps the room or office feels like a greenhouse?

This is exactly what Window Shield customers encounter every day.

Most of our customers come via recommendation as a result of the high quality of installations and solutions that we offer and carry out when reflecting the suns glare and heat.

The films that we use are of the highest industrial quality found anywhere worldwide. In fact they are so good that together with the manufacturer we give a 10 year guarantee

To be honest there are dozens of manufacturers of film out there, however we will only use and recommend the best and that means that we still have over 400 shades to choose from.

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Our window film generally, depending on the grade of film, have the following properties:

Reflects up to 75% of the sun’s heat.
Stops up to 85% of the sun’s glare.
Stops 99% of Ultra Violet light.
Some can give one way mirror finish during daylight hours.
Will enhance the visual appearance of a building.
Reduces air conditioning costs.
They are of course all maintenance free unlike blinds.

Our film range is vast, and as it’s name implies addresses specific problems in connection with heat loss or gain. It also has added advantages such as giving the glass shatterproof qualities and provides a barrier to UV which can fade furniture, fabrics or shop window goods and displays.

It is far more effective for thermal insulation than blinds or curtains whilst also being cheaper and easier to clean. With such a large range containing different colours and shades to choose from, now you’ll be in a position to control your own environment at home or at work.

Solar Control Film Example

The Dornoch Academy, situated approx 45miles from John O’Groats. The Academy is southfacing without any cover from adjacent buildings and very little cover from trees. They suffered from heat gain and glare in the summer and glare and heat loss in the winter. The headteacher chose a dark bronze film to blend in with the aesthetics of the buildings. This film reduced the heat gain and glare by over 80% and reduced the winter heat loss by over 15%. Under the terms and conditions of the contract the work had to be completed during half term, WSUK were pleased to fulfil all conditions.

Dornoch Academy


Most businesses, schools and homes have computers and television monitors. Window film can significantly reduce the glare on the screen which reduces stress, eye strain and headaches, which in turn will increase productivity.

Heat Reduction

If a building is in any way facing south, whether it be summer or winter, on a clear sunny day the building will suffer from heat gain. With our window film a steadier climate can be maintained, this will reduce air conditioning costs.

Conservatories are around 70% glass or other glazing medium, and most people would never dream of sitting in a greenhouse on a sunny day but that is in effect what they are doing. If our film was fitted to the roof-lights the glare and heat gain would reduce by up to 75%, and the U.V. by 99%.

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